A Dream Come True

When i was in grade school, i always wished to go to a private school, good thing is the ateneo de iloilo moved here in mandurriao which is near to our house. I conviced my best friend neil gumban to take the entrance test with me. i was really disappointed when i didn’t pass the entrance test but my mom wanted me to go here in ateneo because it’s a good school praparing for college. So called her sources and made a letter for the school president and that’s how i got here in ateneo.

At first i was afraid because me and my best friends was separated. But at the second day of the freshmen orientation, i made lots of friends and i introduced them to my best friend. Sadly, my best friend has no friends, he was crying because he was being bullied in his class. Anyways, i was so happy in my class because it was full of laughter but then we were labeled as the naughtiest class in the whole batch. i had friends that until now, we’re still together. On my second year in ateneo, we were shuffled. i was the only one who was transfered in the section but still i made new friends. i was uncomfortable at first but my new friends comforted me and welcomed me in my home and family. i made new best friend. He serves as my brother that i always wanted. We we’re so close. We talk every day, hug every day and sometimes we tickle easch other. i always wanted a boy best friend. neil was my best friend but he was gay so yeah. Third year came, me and the class got closer. We united as one and i got my new group of friends; different friends and different world. i changted myself to cope up with my new friends, i didn’t noticed that i lost my old group of friends and i lost my boy best friend. They said i changed my self in abad way. i really missed them espacially my boy best friend. Last year i was more socialized and didn’t noticed that i lost some of my friends. i was shocked when my classmates opened up with me and said that they we’re disappointed because i changed.i become lazy and i’m not studying. After prom, i had an accident and i felt loved by everybody eventhough i changed my atittude i knew that they always love me. That was the time i adjust myself to my classmates and to my new group of friends. But me and my best friend was still distant. This year, i felt that i really miss him. But i don’t know what’s gonna happen next but now i have true friends and i’m contented with it, with the help of my best friends. I will graduate here in ateneo just like what I always dreamed of.